What Causes Infertility?

Around 1 in 6 couples struggle to conceive. The most common cause of female infertility is failure to release an egg (lack of ovulation). The most common cause of male infertility is a lack of sufficient number of good quality sperm. Other factors like age, medical conditions and lifestyle choices can affect fertility. In 25% of couples no cause is found (Unexplained infertility).

How can I enhance my fertility?

Lifestyle factors can affect the chances of conception. Women who are underweight or overweight can take longer to conceive. Both in men and women, smoking and drinking excessive alcohol can reduce fertility. Further advice on ways to enhance fertility can been found on the NHS website.

Why choose Miss Tamhankar?

Miss Tamhankar has extensive experience in the management of infertility. She is committed to providing highest level of care and plans individualised treatment based on patient’s specific needs. Infertility can be an emotionally distressing experience. Miss Tamhankar will advise, support and guide you through this potentially stressful journey. She will take time to answer all your queries and will ensure you have all the relevant information so that you can make an informed choice. Waiting times for initial consultation are within one week and self-paying patients do not need a GP referral.

What are the costs of treatment?

Initial consultation costs are £180. The cost of further treatment depends on the specific treatment planned and the cause of infertility. For a detailed information about the costs of various treatments please contact Miss Tamhankar’s secretary on 07368292512 or use the online enquiry form.